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Attila started riding at the age of 16. He has always had an interest in horses.  He was the first in his family to do so, and although his family was supportive, Attila had to take a lot of initiative on his own, some times riding his bike 12 mi a day to reach the stable!   In high school there was a show jumping stable near the school where Attila received his first formal education with horses. Competing in the Hungarian C.I.C 1star Championships at the age of 18 he finished 3rd in the YR div. and 4th in the Junior class.
After graduating he moved to Germany to train with Beeke Kaack (a 4 star rider) as a working student. Attilla spent his time grooming and riding young horses, and competing for a year and a half, before moving on to receive an assistant position with Nicolai Aldinger, who was working for Olympic Champion, Andreas Dibowski. Attila spent 1 and half years involved with that program before moving to the United States where he hopes to continue on to his Olympic goals.
UPDATE: Attila ranked 3rd place eventing rider in Hungary - 2016!!